is getting too warming up these days

The environment is getting too warming up these days

It appears as though summer is here

It’s been a truly key 온라인홀덤 interval of time since I last posted..

How’s everyone doing

COVIDO CORONADA. Things aren’t going central these days

It’s not just vivaciously utilized people, it’s all tenants

You are getting.

However nobody can without much of a stretch clarify why, every one of you genuinely need to enlighten and keep it together

Today, I visited Unyang Station in Gimpo

Worked with in the Unyang-dong CGV building

I visited the TSOP Holdeom Cafe

I see it’s the dazzling event when a Gimpo Holdeom bistro opened

It’s a stunning Holdeom bistro

Last table in Holdeom Tournament

Possibly this is contemplating the way that it truly opened

It’s an impossible air

Other than there are hand sanitizers and covers in the store

These things ought to be wide these days

It opens at 6 p.m., yet I visited around 6:30 p.m

The guests were researching the Holdom game cheerfully

tsop Holdeom Cafe interest card is pretty

It was my first visit and they made me a choice card like this

Expecting I register as a piece, I can see my obsessions at first with this card

I used to play holdhem games online a stunning plan

It’s my first time visiting an off-holdom bistro like this

I feel really deceived

The staff altruisticly explains the improvement speculation and game guidelines totally

tsop chip is pretty

These are the chips and coins that tsop is using

To quit playing, it’s astoundingly surprising for contact chips.

Expecting you googled Gimpo Holdeom Café, there was only one

I can’t participate in the game since it’s bona fide close and has some blazing occasions

I figure I will visit relentlessly considering the way that I figure I will

The e-ticket is a seed ticket. I truly need an e-card

They can investigate the week’s end challenge

There will be a free test this Saturday at 6 p.m

Bearing that you’re central, you should visit

The prize money is worth 1.5 million won. Gold chips

Coming up next is 500,000 focus interests

Unquestionably there is no help cost

There are only 36 people, so to call them, splendidly join forces with them

Go to Gimpo Holdeom Cafe tsop

I truly need to manage a goliath piece of the issues like eat and ramen with drinks with just 1 coin

Since it’s start and end close by a bistro
The menu isn’t outrageous, yet it’s basic enough to eat

Regardless, encountering no one characters notwithstanding, note that outside food is additionally open for transport

Holdem Tournament wins

I think the Daily Holdom Tournament as a last resort continues to concern an hour

I demand your energy for the current victor

It’s been a truly wide time-frame since I’ve seen the good life.

The environment control structure is cool and unbelievable

People who have really experienced holdhem on the web

The thing may be said about you go there

It’ll be stores of fun

At TSOP Holdeom Cafe on the third floor of Unyang Station cgv building

The thing may be said about you cool down in the warm summer

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