Slot Strategies

Slot Strategies

Most people who play the slots probably think there can’t be any slot strategies that will work. But there are ways to play that do increase your chance of winning. A friend of mine tells me that my extensive research and study of beautifully, “You’re doing it all wrong, studying those books and strategies. Just put your money in and play max coin.”

Well, that is a swell way of playing, and if I had his money, I’d play that way too. And it is a strategy also, in a way. But if I’d play that way, on my budget, my visits to the casinos would be short-lived. As I’ve learned from all my diligent study and research and endless hours of experimentation (actually playing the games, which was a lot of fun!), there are, definitely, some strategies for playing slots.

I’ve found that while most players have their own methods (strategies), there are some methods of playing the different types of slot machines that do increase your odds of winning. Some popular slot strategies of players:

1. Never sit down, play only three spins and go, unless it starts to pay off. If it does start to pay off, play it until it starts losing. Then step away from the machine.

2. Watch people who are playing a lot of money in one machine and move in quickly as soon as they leave, ’cause the machine just may be ready to pay off really big.

3. Find a slot machine that feels really good, hits you in the gut, so to speak, and play it until it wins. This is playing by intuition. If your intuition is strong, or you’re psychic, this might work.

4. Play only the dollar machines, cause they hit jackpots more often. Statistics do show that the payouts from larger denomination machines is greater than on lower denomination machines.

Every player has their own methods, or slot strategy, based on their own observations and playing experiences (trial and error). One thing is always true, however. The best slot strategy is what works for you.